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Welcome to Hide Spraying, Registered Chemical Applicators in all classes

Hide Spraying is a family owned and operated agricultural spraying, spreading and sheep dipping company. It was started in 1947 by the late Ellis Hide.

We operate throughout North Canterbury, from Christchurch North to Omihi, Hawarden and from the sea to the foothills at Oxford. We service farmers, lifestylers, commercial businesses and private individuals, from small jobs to the very large jobs.

We offer a full professional service from technical advice to the supply and application of all agrichemicals, solid and liquid fertilizers, sheep dips, lime and Progibb. All types of crop and pasture spraying, noxious weed, (gorse, broom etc), industrial yards and fertiliser spreading is carried out.

We are fully registered chemical applicators and approved handlers and we operate following the Growsafe Code Of Practice For The Management Of Agrichemicals. We keep up to date with the ever-changing appropriate legislation and modern application equipment.